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Staying Safe on Winter Roads

Staying Safe on Winter Roads

Driving in the winter time presents its own unique challenges as we navigate freezing temps and incoming weather issues. When you're a professional driver, you need to be sure to be extra safe on the road because it extends beyond yourself and your vehicle to your livelihood. If you get into an accident, you are not able to make money.
We want you on the roads doing what you do as safely as possible. You help the world go round, so let us help you with these winter driving tips.

Winter Supply List
Build yourself a winter supply list and keep the items in your truck somewhere that is easily accessible. In addition to having the usual safety items, like jumper cables and snow scrapers, it is a good idea to have these items in your truck just in case:

  • flashlights
  • extra blankets
  • extra clothes for layering
  • rain/snow gear (coat, boots)
  • extra bottled water
  • bag of rock salt

Slow Down and Grip Firm
Gripping the wheel with a firm grasp gives you more control and going slowly gives you more time to react to others on the road. Hydroplaning is no joke and caused by going too quickly on wet roadways. Allowing for extra room in the winter is a good habit to practice during the winter for the same reasons. Give yourself as much time as possible to react to situations on the road.

Be Mindful of Bridges and Black Ice
Black ice is not only found on bridges, of course. But bridges, overpasses, and other elevated surfaces freeze much faster than regular roadways and that increases the likelihood for black ice.

No load is worth more than you or your vehicle. The best pro-drivers know when its a good time to shut down for the day and park. Please stay safe out there and take care of one another!

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