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2 Line Custom Magnetic 24"x6" for USDOT Number and Company Name for Semis

Customize your truck with our 2 Line Magnetic sign (24"x6") with your USDOT Number and Company Name. 

The height of the lettering for the company name should measure near 2.5 inches, which exceeds the lettering height required by the US Department of Transportation. The remaining lettering should be a minimum of the US DOT required 2" but can be formatted to your specifications. As you design your sign, please utilize the supplied one inch grid that is located along the sides and top of the mock design of your magnetic sign to gauge the size.

Our magnets are made with a 7 year outdoor-grade UV-resistant vinyl to ensure the US DOT magnetic sign endures any weather conditions. For added durability, all of our full color custom USDOT products are laminated to protect the signs against the sun and other outdoor exposure. 

•Upgrades available to use colored backgrounds or Reflective lettering. Sold as single signs not as a pair.

•Vehicle door depicted in image does not represent a real vehicle and should only be used as a rough visual guide. Always measure your vehicle prior ordering to ensue you have able space for the magnetic sign size you are interested in.

*Image and logo files must be a minimum of 150 DPI at full size. Supported file formats include jpeg, png, or .gif. Uploads up to 2MB are supported.

• Please keep in mind, magnets only stick to steel surfaces. Please test the area you plan on applying the magnetic sign with a refrigerator magnet prior to purchasing. We do not issue refund for magnetic signs that do not stick to some vehicles that are equipped with aluminum door panels.

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