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USDOT Number Application Instructions for Vinyl Stickers

Click here for installation instructions, or view our installation video.

Step 1. Order Received
Carefully unwrap your USDOT numbers and inventory its contents. A complete vinyl graphic will consist of a carrier sheet, vinyl graphic and premask. These 3 items will be fully assembled and ready to apply. If you order magnetic signs, they will be fully assembled and ready to adhere to any steel surface.

Step 2. Surface Preparation
Once you have the contents of your order inventoried, it is then time to prepare the surface to receive the vinyl graphic, sticker or magnet. To accomplish this, wait for a day that is above freezing, and simply take a cleaner such as Windex and thoroughly clean the surface with a lint free cloth. The surface should you are applying to should be glossy and free of dust and defects. If you purchased a magnetic sign you can apply it as you would any magnet at this time, but you will want to bring it to room temperature first.

Step 3 Application PART 1
Now that you have your surface clean and free of dust and dirt, and the weather is above freezing,  it is time to position and apply the vinyl graphic. Determine the area of the vehicle that you wish to apply the graphic to. After you roughly determine the placement make sure your graphic is level or parallel to the closest straight edge such as door or window sill. You can double check your measurements with a tape measure. Once you have it just right, take small strips of transparent tape and temporarily place the graphic facing out. (premask side facing you with the carrier sheet or paper on the vehicle) Take a step back from the surface to make sure you have it exactly where you want it. If it needs to be repositioned, simply repeat this step from the beginning. Once you take the carrier sheet off the graphic the graphic itself will be come very tacky and will stick to almost anything similar to super glue.

Step 4 Application PART 2
Your graphic is in place and is ready to apply. Make sure your strips of transparent tape are securely in place. Then take your rigid credit card and activate the adhesive on the premask. To perform this task, simply take the card in the palm of your hand and press the straight edge of the credit card and pretend you are mashing the letters into the carrier sheet or backing. This will allow the graphics to stick to the premask so that the backing or carrier sheet can be removed. Once you have dome this, carefully remove the backing while holding the vinyl graphic away from the vehicle using the transparent tape as a hinge. Tack down the leading edge of the premask and begin applying it as a complete sheet, using the credit card as a squeegee and pressing down an inch or two at a time until the whole premasked graphic is applied. Once it is applied take your card and give it a good pressing to ensure adhesion of the vinyl. After this is accomplished, peel the premask away from the vehicle surface and you are ready to go! If you have any bubbles they normally work themselves out within a few days but a push pin can be used to pop the bubbles should you desire. USDOT number size requirements will be met with all of the products we offer.