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June 01, 2023 2 min read

Many people have experienced delays in deliveries over the last few years Much of this is due to a shortage of drivers in the trucking industry. The industry needs workers that are reliable, responsible, trustworthy and who have a good work ethic.

One of the best candidates for new drivers in the trucking industry is a highly trained Veteran of the United States Military. Trucking companies across the country look for candidates that have served our country during the hiring process. If you are a Veteran looking for a new career in the civilian sector, there are many good reasons to consider trucking a Civilian Bus or Truck Driver career. 

Why Consider a Career as a professional Truck or Bus driver? 

There are many reasons to consider a job in trucking. Great pay, job security, good benefits, retirement and health insurance come to mind first and foremost. In addition, traveling the country, work life balance, and set predictable schedules are also perks of the job. With opportunities to drive local or cross country, Veterans entering a Commercial Driving Career will have choices when it comes to choosing an employer. 

One in ten industry drivers are Veterans, so by choosing a career as a Commercial Driver, Veterans entering the workforce will know they are surrounded by many of their peers or Brothers in Arms. 

What opportunities are available to Veterans in the Trucking Industry? 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) is offering a wonderful opportunity program for Veterans looking to start a civilian career as a professional truck or bus driver. One is the Safe Driver Pilot Apprenticeship Program. This program connects companies with younger Veterans looking to get the training they need and CDL certifications required. 

Other opportunities for Veterans entering the civilian workforce offered by FMCSA are the Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Safety Training Grant Program, skills test waivers, and even exchange knowledge test waivers. For more information view the FMCSA brochure.

There are many organizations that connect Trucking Industry leaders with Veterans that are looking to start new careers after they have taken leave of the military. One organization is Veterans in Trucking. They hold social events that empower Veterans entering the industry while connecting Vets with companies that are hiring and training vets to become drivers.   

Many companies also offer training and supply discounts for Veterans. Here at dotnumberstore.com, we give discounts to active duty Military Personal and to Veterans. To receive a discount code, please email us or click below to chat with us prior to placing your order. We will verify your service and give you a special discount code to use for 15% off your order. 

In conclusion, if you are a Veteran considering a new career path, look to the trucking industry for a great job and benefits.