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January 23, 2020 1 min read

Are your US DOT vinyl stickers getting really old, and beginning to look like this one, cracked and peeling? If so, you may want to consider replacing them to stay compliant with the US DOT.  When it is time to replace your DOT compliant stickers, they are easier to remove with heat. Using a heat gun or hair dryer, warm them up as you peel them off. This will loosen the adhesive and make removal go faster for you. Upon removal, if there is any leftover adhesive residue, you can remove that using a vehicle safe adhesive remover that you normally can find at your local auto parts store or big box automotive store. Before applying new decals, always wash the vehicle first, then clean the surface of the new decal installation with rubbing alcohol. Once the surface is prepped you are ready to apply the new decals. You can find the installation instructions by clicking HERE