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Happy, Healthy, and On The Road

Happy, Healthy, and On The Road

As a trucker, staying healthy and happy can sometimes be a struggle. Between several fast food options that are quick and easy, and being so focused on your delivery, it is easy to lose sight of your health. Truckers are so vital to us all and we here at the understand the challenges you face to follow a healthy lifestyle behind the wheel. With the physical requirements your job demands, your health is paramount to your success. Leading a healthier lifestyle on the road is possible! There are many options for healthy snacks and meals, you just have to know where to start. So, where do you start?

Healthy Snacks

For me, my eating right starts in the snack aisle. When I know I am going to be on the road, I start stocking up on the "better for you" snacks. It's hard sometimes to make the choice to put back the Reese's Cups and instead get a container of fresh cut fruit from the gas station, but I know that it's the right choice for my body to stay healthy and happy. Some of my favorite go-to healthy snacks:

  • Trail mix. Dried fruits, raw nuts, and sometimes bits of dark chocolate make up one of my favorite DIY mixes. But be careful with what you get in stores! Some trail mix contains quite a bit of salt or artificial sweeteners!
  • Tuna pouch and wheat crackers. They have so many flavors of tuna now! I love the Thai Chili tuna or the buffalo tuna on a wheat cracker. Soooo good! Perfect snack or quick lunch. Highly recommend!
  • Yogurt. Always a yummy option. Yogurt has B-12 vitamins that help with energy, mental clarity, depression, and encourage healthy gut bacteria for a stronger immune system.
  • Hard boiled eggs. A wonderful source of protein. The incredible, edible egg! Try not to go overboard on the salt!
  • Fresh cut fruit cup. I love most fruit. I also have this stuff called Tajin that you put on fruit, it's like a spicy seasoning. So delicious!

Quench That Thirst!

What you drink on the road plays a big part in a healthy diet too! Sodas, energy drinks, and some juices are not the way to go when watching your health on the road. These are rich in sugars and other additives that are damaging to you, especially in large quantities. The best thing to fight dehydration is:


The most crucial part of staying healthy and keeping your body happy is water. Drinking water helps your body sustain energy and digest your meals easier. Water also helps your stomach feel fuller so you can eat less. It helps normalize blood pressure and helps to maintain a healthy electrolyte balance.

Meals Matter

What you choose to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner matters, too. Staying away from too much sugar in the morning can keep you from having a sugar crash in the afternoon. Try things like oatmeal, protein bars, or eggs. Don't forget that coffee, which does count to your daily water intake.
For lunch, you can go with a salad or a sandwich. Those might sound like boring options, but they don't have to be! Go for a salad with dark leafy greens, some chicken or turkey meat, or grilled vegetables. A sandwich doesn't have to be bologna and cheese, make it different! Try a chicken pita pocket or a turkey lettuce wrap! Sometimes, a classic peanut butter and jelly is a great way to go too!
Finish your day with a healthy dinner containing cooked vegetables and a lean meat. A slow cooker in your truck is a great way to make healthy food on the go. There are endless recipes online for healthy crockpot meals and I just adore my crockpot. I love being able to essentially throw my stuff in the pot, turn it on, and do my business while it does all the work.

Choosing the healthy stuff can be hard, but it is possible! It just takes a little forethought and a bit of prep, but once you get into the habit of choosing healthy it will become second nature!

Prepping meals at home or on the road and subbing water for carbonated beverages is a great start to getting and staying healthy! Your body and wallet will say thank you!

Stay healthy, stay happy, and stay safe out there!

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