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Work Life Balance on the Road

Work Life Balance on the Road

Many truck drivers have difficulty living life with a healthy work life balance. Unhealthy work life balance means you are constantly overworking, neglecting your personal life, experiencing burnout or lack of self care, and possibly straining your most important relationships. Some of the ways you can turn this around will begin by setting boundaries, managing your time and stress, and adapting to adjusting to your work schedule. 

In the trucking industry it can be especially difficult to find or make this time while you are on the road. Things can become mundane and your thoughts may get on auto-pilot. To prevent this, consider listening to audiobooks, both favorite and new music, or try podcasts, especially those that relate to a hobby you are interested in that are non work related. When planning your routes, if possible try to incorporate stops or locations that include favorite restaurants or places that you want to visit. Use your down time to get in a good work out and do your best to maintain a healthy diet. 

One of the best ways to improve work life balance is to plan ahead. Set a few blocks of time during the day to use for personal time. Use this time for something that brings you joy. For instance,  call a close family member or friend, read a few chapters in a book, take a walk, do something that will enrich your life or the lives of those you care for. You can also practice mindfulness by tuning into your emotions and your physical presence. Engage in something that you love outside of work every single day. If you need to, set reminders to take this time for yourself. 

Improving your work life balance doesn’t have to be difficult! Today is a great time to start putting you as a priority. 


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