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Product Highlight: Now Hiring Drivers Sign

Product Highlight: Now Hiring Drivers Sign

So, you've been working hard and keeping your eyes on the prize. Good for you! You've done very well, congratulations! Now, you're ready to hire a new driver...or maybe a handful of new drivers. While we are in an age of technology, there is one tried and true way to advertise to the world around you that you are hiring: VINYL SIGNS!

Make your truck work double time for you as a mobile job board. Adding a NOW HIRING sign to your trailer is a great way to get new drivers. Hiring over an internet job posting can feel very indifferent and a somewhat cold approach to get a job. Without seeing you or seeing your business, it feels distant. Using our vinyl signs, you are giving someone the chance to see you happily doing your job, giving them the opportunity to approach you with a smile and handshake.

As always, we only use the highest quality vinyl. Our vinyl can last up to 7 years, and in some cases longer. These stickers are sold as one large piece printed to a white background in 10 US DOT approved colors. They are offered in two sizes: a smaller 18x12" and a slightly larger 24x12".

If you need a size or color not pictured, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! You can email us here or you can call us at the office, 812-936-7446.

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